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Scott Thomas Nicol
Scott Thomas Nicol
Children's Author

David W. Youngblood
David. W. Youngblood

CCB Publishing is pleased to have assisted with the pre-press production and ongoing distribution
of Scott Thomas Nicol's book Dr. Jim & the Special Stethoscope published by Creative House International Press, Inc.

Books by Scott Thomas Nicol

Dr. Jim & the Special Stethoscope
Written by Scott Thomas Nicol
Illustrated by David W. Youngblood


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Dr. Jim & the Special Stethoscope

Dr. Jim and the Special Stethoscope is a classic tale of what it would be like if one could hear their pets talk. Dr. Jim can with the help of his stethoscope and by doing so, he helps his patients live a better and happier life.

About the Author & Illustrator

Scott Thomas Nicol was born and raised in New Jersey. Although he doesn’t write for a living (he works in the construction industry), he has always loved writing. “I would relish writing assignments in school. Even in college, I took creative writing courses as electives.”
The Dr. Jim series of books he is creating, starting with Dr. Jim & the Special Stethoscope, has been something he considered doing for years. “I started fooling around with rhyming words and stanzas to tell this story. Finally, I got serious about it and created a cute concept about a young country veterinarian and this magical instrument he uses to figure out his patients’ ills. It became a great little story. And in the subsequent stories are (and will be) as well. These could be a feature animated film in the making!”
Scott is married and has three beautiful children. “This whole story writing is, kind of, for them. I created these cute stories with them in mind.”

David W. Youngblood was born in Norman, Oklahoma, but was raised, for the most part, in Durham, North Carolina.
He studied “Fine Art” at both Louisburg College and at East Carolina University. However, his passion for Comic Books took him to New Jersey. David enrolled in The Joe Kubert School of Cartoon And Graphic Art, Inc., where his studies were completed upon his three years there. David shouts out a “Hello” to his fellow Kubie’s!!
David has always enjoyed making people smile, through jokes, or by leaving sketches on people’s desk, as they were away for lunch. But now, with the printing of Dr. Jim and the Special Stethoscope, David hopes to bring smiles to more people than just his family, friends and co-workers. God has given him a “gift”. And now, he has given David the opportunity to use it and he greatly appreciates that, as this book almost didn’t happen. Back in 2007, David’s “gift” for drawing was taken away from him, though briefly, by a severe blow to his head. After many years, David was blessed to get his “gift” back. And now, he looks forward to what else lies ahead of him.

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