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Sven Paardekooper
Sven Paardekooper
Addiction Abuse Consultant

CCB Publishing is pleased to have assisted with the pre-press production and ongoing distribution
of Sven Paardekooper's book Sorry, Not Dead Yet! published by Creative House International Press, Inc.

Books by Sven Paardekooper

Sorry, Not Dead Yet!
A Tapestry of Inspiration and Survival Against the Odds

by Sven Paardekooper


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Sorry, Not Dead Yet!

In 2001 Sven found out in the most unceremonious way that he was HIV+. Through the course of several years he had to not only deal with this death sentence but battle his drug addiction as well. Sven kept a journal during this time, writing about his trip to hell and back in a very frank and honest way.

About the Author

Sven was born and raised in Holland, Europe. After coming out as being gay to his family, Sven moved to Los Angeles in 1992 to commence his pursuit of happiness. Just when he thought his life was on track and things were good, he was handed a piece of paper that read “Test Results: Positive.” The date was July 5, 2001: Sven’s pursuit veered off track!

His career had included domestic television syndication for a children’s show, being a personal assistant for a few newsworthy celebrities and a venture in the corporate environment. None of these experiences prepared him for the road ahead.

Coming to terms with HIV and battling a Crystal Meth addiction at the same time, he started to write to preserve his sanity and to escape the demons inside of his head. It became the only way he knew how to process and manage the events that were happening in his life.

A decade has passed since he tested HIV+. Since then, Sven has written over 300 pages and watched every aspect of his life change. Today, Sven is a happy, healthy and stronger person because of what happened. He shares his experiences and works as a consultant in HIV and substance abuse prevention. In 2005 the City of Los Angeles presented him with a Certificate of Commendation for all of his efforts.

All of this is because he tested positive, re-engaged in living, and allowed his life to become all of that: a complete Positive. While his life has changed completely, the one thing that remains the same is his desire to make a difference and to be remembered for that effect.

For in the end, isn’t that really what we all want—just to be remembered?

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