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Tony Zimbardi-LeMons
Tony Zimbardi-LeMons
Freelance Writer & Therapist

CCB Publishing is pleased to have assisted with the pre-press production and ongoing distribution
of Tony Zimbardi-LeMons' book Forever Dads published by Creative House International Press, Inc.

Books by Tony Zimbardi-LeMons

Forever Dads
A Gay Couple's Journey to Fatherhood

by Tony Zimbardi-LeMons


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Forever Dads

Forever Dads: A Gay Couple’s Journey to Fatherhood, chronicles their first meeting at the “Pop Luck Club,” (a group of openly gay dads whose families did not originate from any prior heterosexual marriages) to choosing their local county “fost/adopt program,” over other choices such as surrogacy and private or international adoption. The reader will come along with Tony and Antonio as they navigate the tumultuous roller coaster ride of the Los Angeles County foster-adoption system to the ultimate adoption finalization of their sons Erik and Johnny.

The book, (which has continued to run as a regular column in Frontiers Magazine from 2006-2009), is told in a compilation format from the popular column called “Bringing Up Gayby,” will explore many themes, some unique to the gay experience and others simply universal in the journey to parenthood.

The reader will discover how this happy, inter-racial couple, experiences reactions to race from their families of origin (one black, one white; and their adoptive Latino sons) as well as the reactions of both gay and heterosexual friends on their path to parenthood. The couple surprisingly discovers the amount of support and acceptance they encounter from the larger heterosexual community and experience some disappointments and disillusionments along the way, coming unexpectedly from some of their own gay community members.

Zimbardi-LeMons family story is told in heartfelt installments peppered with rich humor and poignancy, a must read for any prospective adoptive parent, gay or straight.

About the Author

Tony Zimbardi-LeMons holds a doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology and is a widely known and highly respected psychotherapist and writer/speaker in the Los Angeles gay/lesbian community. Tony’s column “Bringing Up Gayby,” has been running for approximately two years now in Southern California’s largest and most popular gay magazine, Frontiers. Previously, Tony has written advice columns such as “Ask Dr. Tony” in the nationally published “A&U” (Arts and Understanding Magazine) as well as the popular national glossy gay men’s magazine “Genre” where he had a column on gay men’s mental health, which ran for more than two years. Dr. Zimbardi-LeMons has written numerous self-help articles over the last decade for popular gay mainstream magazines such as “4-Front,” “Edge” and “In Los Angeles.” Professionally, Dr. Zimbardi-LeMons has spoken at numerous professional psychological forums and educational training workshops, exploring gay men’s mental health, addictions and relationship issues. Tony continues to be a full time licensed therapist in Private Practice in West Hollywood and sought after writer, speaker and columnist. He lives in the Hollywood Hills with his partner Antonio, their sons, Erik and Johnny, and two dogs, Dolly and Dapper.

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