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Angela Taylor
Angela Taylor
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Rob Jacobs
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CCB Publishing is pleased to have assisted with the pre-press production and ongoing distribution
of Angela Taylor & Rob Jacobs' book Angels of Protection published by Creative House International Press, Inc.

Books by Angela Taylor & Rob Jacobs

Angels of Protection
True Angel Stories in the Modern Age

by Angela Taylor & Rob Jacobs


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Angels of Protection

A few years back, around 2007, I had this intuitive feeling to get in touch with a friend I had known for approximately twenty-five years, Rob Jacobs, an artist living in the Los Angeles area. We had initially met at a spiritual convocation, sponsored by our church – a path of meditation inspired by the teachings of the west –The New Testament of the Bible, and the east – the Hindu bible - The Bhagavad Gita. I remembered that Rob was a person who had gone through very difficult issues, and how, through the help of two very knowledgeable, compassionate healers, had largely resolved these issues. I was experiencing something quite similar. As we connected and spoke about a health issue we also got caught up with what each other had been doing. Rob was working on a series of art, which he called Angels of Protection ( I was intrigued and moved by the experience Rob related to me which had to do with his father, Harry, and how Harry’s life was saved, which is told in Rob’s angel story, included in this

book. The artwork behind this extraordinary experience is Rob’s Angel 5 / Of My Father. In a synchronistic way I began relating to Rob some of the angel stories and experiences from friends. As we were talking, it seemed that a lot of Rob’s angel art resonated with me on emotional, mental and spiritual levels, and, in a very real and natural way, the idea came up of combining the angel stories, stories of angelic protection experienced by the many people Rob and I knew, with Rob’s art series, which presently has sixteen images, all included in this book. In a world filled with violence, wars, and fear, Rob and I felt that a book of true angel stories would be a flash of positive light to the public, and help to inspire others that angels are real, and all we have to do is have faith in that reality of protection, love and joy.

Rob and I thank our publisher, Alan Bourgeois at Creative House Press, for all his help, and for his faith in our angel project.

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