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Lisa-Ann Carey
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An Illustrated Medical Romance Trilogy Part One

by Lisa-Ann Carey


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Twenty-seven year old Psychiatrist Doctor John Wright inherits his deceased grandfather’s thriving private practice at Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia. His innate character is of formidable strength like a stiff glass of whiskey, his essential qualities - hard to bend, except for one tiny blemish. His emerald eyes shine like precious stones. The colour of his layer cut styled hair characterizes the distant sun setting in the western sky. He had a dream he ‘breathed life’ into the mind, the very soul, of a young lady who in reality, would become his wife, his confidante, his soul mate for life. Reflecting on this dream he tells himself - the retrospective mind is like a mirror, it reflects what the dreamer dreams into it.

Twenty-five year old Lisa-Ann Porter from Lamb Island, a former Criminal Psychiatrist arrives at his clinic frightened of the past. He discovers she has melancholia and helps her to unravel the mystery behind her mother’s premature death and helps her understand her confusions about her sexuality after she describes to him how she was raped just outside the University she had attended. Has he discovered his soul mate or... does she belong to another?

Is she just another patient or... someone more special? Read about her Hawaiian/American correspondent from her high school years hiding in the shadows of her heart and the wild journey he takes her on and the tragic end to it.


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A Sexy Snippet from Retrospect

“Bizzie Lizzie, you are making me dizzie,” he sung as he picked her up off the table.
Impaled on his stiffened penis, she teased and squeezed, giggling as the soft strokes of his saucy highly seasoned saveloy tickled her vanilla pearl. What cravings, she thought. The ebb and flow of the tide washed away their sandcastle of love as they allowed the yacht of the mind to drift from its moorings and float away into perfect serenity.

Major Characters

Dr John Wright
Dr John Wright

Dr Lisa-Ann Porter
Dr Lisa-Ann Porter

Reviews & Awards

Lisa-Ann Carey has won first prize of $1,500 in the Ponder Prose competition for part one of her medical romance trilogy Retrospect.

Lisa-Ann Carey has won first prize of $1,000 in the Books Ablaze Romance Writer’s competition for Carey’s Classics Retrospect.

Lisa-Ann Carey’s Retrospect has won Book Of The Year in the Luscious Love Stories competition for most outstanding literature about love.

Carey’s Classics Retrospect is a cure for Melancholia, sight for the blind, a precious find for the lost.
- Dr. Linda Nash, Medico

Carey’s Classics Retrospect answers all my bedroom questions and now I am an expert on naughty knookies.
- Mary Knight, Housewife

Carey’s Classics Retrospect helped me prepare myself sexually for the perfect partner I have found and kept for six months now and intend keeping for a lifetime.
- Wendy Mecca, Dressmaker

About the Author

Lisa-Ann Carey, author of part one of medical romance, Retrospect. She has accumulated countless fascinating experiences, settings, friends and acquaintances to formulate an extensive treasure trove of wonderful keepsakes to draw from in designing her romances.

Lisa-Ann Carey of Carey’s Classic’s Books Australia began writing her first series in 1998 on the shelly shores of Lamb Island in peaceful Moreton Bay, Queensland, Australia and has begun numerous other romances available in the not too distant future.

Rams and Ewes spice up your dreamy love lives with a collection of my dirty-sweet romances set on luscious Lamb Island and proudly brought to you by the slipperiest sexpert in Australia, the explosive Carey’s Classic’s fictional storyteller Lisa-Ann Carey. Explore the trilogy – Retrospect, Lap of Luxury and Some Sleep to Remember Some Sleep to Forget between kissing and caressing the one you just cannot bear to be without, then gently ease back into a reflection of my raunchy read until you climax the night away.

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